Sunday, September 13, 2009

Anniversary Week Chapter VI

Last stop: St. George

The town grew and changed so much since I lived here, I can't find anything.
Twice we could not find the antique shop I loved years ago.
The red rocks are still here and we need to pay even if we want to look at them.
Hiking in the canyons is out of question. We can't afford to drive through Zion it costs so much
AND no pets allowed.

The trees and the creek is still there in Pine Valley and it is affordable to visit them. For a $2.00 fee we were all able to walk around, dogs and all...What a bargain!

Running out of daylight, we stayed in St. George and did a little swimming and soaking in the hot tub.

Next morning, we loaded up the tummy with a logger's breakfast to carry us through the long drive.

For our anniversary dinner on Wednesday, September 9th, Mark took me to our favorit Thai restaurant in Banning.

The End

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Anniversary Week Chapter V

A Stroll Along the Provo River

Grandpa is holding Tatum in the river by the Bridal Veil Fall.

I am holding Spitz out of the water of course and Dani is with Buck.

View from further up the canyon.

Buck likes the cold water on this nice, warm summer day.

Bundle up that cutie! She likes to be warm.
On the way to Heber City...we kept walking and walking past the falls. Greg said the trail goes all the way to Heber. Unfortunately, he has to be at work in a couple of hours, so we will not make it all the way this time.

Grandma is up front strolling Tatum.

Anniversary Week Chapter IV


Our grandbaby is the sweetest, cuddliest, softest little girl in the world.
She is so cute and dainty.

We arrived at the Brandt's residence on Sunday afternoon.
Dani fixed a delicious dinner, roast beef, mashed potatoes and green beans.
Tatum took a nap in her vibrating chair.

Mommy opening the presents for Tatum. She loves to dig into the gift wrap.

Tatum wanted cupcakes, Tatum got cupcakes.
Grandma made her a throw to keep her warm in those icy winter days.
I made it big enough for the whole Brandt family to snuggle under.

Daddy is such a pro when it comes to diaper changing. He takes the day shift (when not at work or in school) and mommy takes the night shift.

I loved holding Tatum. She is so soft and warm and just a bundle of cuteness.

Awwww.....cry with grandpa....

 better fix her up Dani...

All right missy, here is something to keep you busy.


Anniversary Week Chapter III

"Driving to Orem"

How long before we get to Tatum's house?

Rest stop time. We are at Lee's Ferry by Vermillion Cliffs. Last time we were here, we hiked into the Paria Canyon for a few days.
It was also Labor Day weekend and it was very hot.
We did not have our doggies yet. They would not liked that hike.
We spent the entire hike filtering drinking water. We drank half of the radio active, contaminated
creek. I have never been so thirsty in my life.
Most of the hiking we did was in the creek to stay somewhat cool.
There were other hikers around, but they walked at night so they missed the awesome scenery.

The red rocks are still here and they are still my favorit.

Settle the babies in the Orem hotel and off to see the grand baby.


Friday, September 11, 2009

Anniversary Week Chapter II

The Dopp Family

The first stop on the trip is Arizona to visit with the Dopp family.

Three cute little blondies were already waiting for us. Bryce and Nikki were there too and of course grandma Valerie.
Ethan is a fine young man nowdays and he is guarding his beautiful little sisters.

Soon the Bergmans came over with the star of the "Glamorous Bow Slideshow", little Anabel. She wore off all her red hair with those pretty head dresses mommy made and now she is growing blond hair.

Grandpa Durk came home from work and took us all out to lunch.

Just like a bouquet of fresh spring flowers:

This here is my cousin, Ethan.

Try some lemon Anabel...

...always picking on the youngest one....

Brittan and Asaka found out somehow where we were and came to join us.

Back at Durk and Val's house, I got my lesson on how to make a glamorous baby bow. Bethany and Valerie were making one while directing me to make one, so Tatum got three new bows on the way.
Buck and Spitz got done with the grooming salon and spent some time exploring the Dopp backyard.

We had such a nice time, it was really late by the time we left to spend that night in Flagstaff.


Anniversary Week Chapter I

Unloading the Truck

Our wedding was over much too quickly, so we are taking a week to celebrate our first anniversary.

Friday, Sept 4th, we are packing for our trip to Utah.

Mark asked me to help cleaning out the truck and lucky me!!!
I found a Tiffany's shopping bag on the back seat.
I always get excited to see that Tiffany blue.

Wow!!!!! My camera can't take all this brilliance.

A whole year of good cooking and look what happens.

The "Anniversary Band" is on the right side of my diamond and it is to hold the
rock in place.

...and BOY!!!!does it work!

It was either the ring or a wood splitter Mark said. Nothing like a good choice. Who needs a log splitter? With the force of all this platinum on my hand, I can make tooth picks out of oak groves now ....if I can lift my left hand...

Our other present was waiting in the Dopp Family Room for some time now.

Our Currier & Ives dining set. I found this 75 pcs set on the Phoenix Craigs list. With Valerie's help, the set has a new home in our kitchen.

Thank you Valerie!

We already tried our beautiful dinner plates and we estimate a 10-15 lbs weight loss within the next month.
The plates are smaller, so the portions are smaller. We have about half of the amount of our normal dinner portion. GREAT!

We can fit in the clothes we had in HS, we can use the dainty antique furnitures instead of having to buy bigger chairs, bigger couch and bigger bed with big screen TV...etc.