Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Happy Birthday Mom Houghton!!!

Grandma Joyce spent her special day with us.
We had a lot of fun, good gossips, good eatings
and good doggie plays.

Monday, April 16, 2012

April Madness

Wood Cutting in Garner Valley

Those rounds are huge! We needed to split them into quarters to be able to handle them and even then, they are HEAVY!

Like my stack?

Afternoon walk

Let me into my doggie yard!

Our first dinner on the ranch. We did not prep for it too well. No matches, no plates, no forks, no napkins. No problem. We have a welding torch to start the fire with, bucket lids to use for plates, fingers to eat with and shop towel for being neat.

We even have helpers to watch the food.

Doggies Birthday Month.

These babies are officially seniors. Buck is 10 and Spitz is 8.

Old dogs have new tricks. They like to sleep close to us these days.

Spitz has a big pillow next to my side of the bed, and Buck got a new inside bed, next to Mark's side of the bed, for his birthday. Spitz is breaking it in for him here.

Spitzers bed

Buck's bed

Crashed out

My little Blind Boone

Easter Weekend

The house in summer fashion

Pretty cold to be summer yet. Even Buck hugs up the hot tiles.

Snowed in again

Orange County Ragfest
We start out with John Reed-Torres

The Palmer gang joined us for this fun Sunday afternoon. Stephen and Ruth with Bea. Yeah. That's me.

Vincent Johnson invites a new, young ragtime talent, Ryan to join his set.

Cousin Karen enjoyed the sunshine and the Ragtime with us.

Andrew Barrett on piano, with Evans and Rogers in a Vaudeville performance. Awesome!!!!!!

Shopping for a Ragtime car.

With Vincent Johnson. He plays Novelty Rags. If it's not Novelty, he will not play it. He is also a composer.

John is shopping for a new car too. He is a Scott Joplin incarnate. He loves James Scott's music also and he composes fantastic rags about his hometown Los Angeles.

This is my new 4WD. It matches my tractor.

Here is the gang minus Karen.