Sunday, November 30, 2008

Thanksgiving Day

The Thanksgiving Dinner Gang
from left: Aunt Merretta, Uncle Revier, Mom Houghton, Karen Star, Bea & Mark

We did not invite the indians, it was just us ol' pilgrims.
It is more fun without feathers...

Dinner was superb and we were properly stuffed.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Autumn in Pine Cove

Mark is setting up his special birthday present on the front yard.
His 39th birthday BBQ had to be retired this summer after 6 years of active duty.

The sewing projects accumulate during spring and summer and they make the perfect way to spend the cool, fall and winter evenings and weekends. Since the garden is sleeping for the next few months, the interior of the house is getting most of my attention.

The windows are getting new curtains and the living room is repositioned to its winter layout.

Cozy reading corners close to the fireplace are well used during the holiday season.
Mark is sitting in Grandpa Houghton's chair, reading his book and warming up his toes by the fire.
Buck and Spitz are warming up on the back yard. They don't worry about a thing!
We had the first snowfall two weeks ago, but it warmed up the next day and it has been sunny ever since. Mark took the babies for a wood cutting trip this afternoon. We need to keep collecting firewood, while we can.
Never know... soon enough it might be illegal to cut wood again and THEN how the heck are we going to create our share of pollution to increase the global warming?

Friday, November 21, 2008

What Global Warming?

We are ready to generate some clean energy this winter!

Burning oak and pine in the fireplace does not cause any pollution does it?

It sure keeps us warm!

This is not our house but it could be.
If our fire department did not have such stringent regulations about fire safety and abatement, we would line our stacks all around the house also.

It has insulation value, and all you have to do on a cold winter day to keep the fire going is to reach out the window.

Instead, we need to stack our wood away from the house, along the property line.
Not too big of a walk though, because who can afford too large of a property as long as half of our income has to pay for whatever the BOYS in Washington determine to be important...

We have enough wood to contribute to the "reduction of global warming" for the length of the next presidential term.
I would like to start drilling for fossil fuels in the back yard as well, since nobody else wants to do it, but Mark says, my Black & Decker will not reach too far in the bedrock and there is not much down there to reach anyway.
I am so worried about this global warming thing ... but so long as the chickens are not running around on my yard I will be OK.
Luckily, there is one thing we have to NOT be concerned about any more. That is the moral standards and ethics in our society.
Why worry about something that does not exist?

November Highlights

Last weekend, Karen and Jason came to Pine Cove to visit us.

Jason is departing for Africa, to Guinea, to teach the people there whatever that is they do not know... He has his work cut out for him.
He is leaving in the beginning of December for a two year assignment.
Good luck Jason!

Thank God, our taxes will be higher soon, so we can pay for the education of the Africans!

Mark & Bea with Buck & Spitz in the Pine Cove Park

Jason & Karen in the Pine Cove Park

Mark and Jason had a great time bouldering in the park.
They spent several hours playing around on the rocks enjoying the cool autumn breeze.
Karen and I were walking around with the dogs and taking pictures.
It has been a long time since I dipped my hands into a chalk bag. Mark said it felt so nice to climb again and to feel his muscles for a few days.
I think I'll bake some cookies!

Friday, November 7, 2008

It's All Over!

We survived two things lately. First, the mockery of a Roman Catholic Holiday.
Second, and most important, we lived through the greatest fraud in US Government History.
The media did a wonderful job, like always, in promoting junk.

Bravo America! We are voting for COLOR instead of principle.
We ARE idiots!!!

If Obama were gay, that would REALLY be cool!
I feel bad for him though, poor guy... Hope he will
be allright and pull this off.

The good thing about socialism, if it's practiced correctly, that people are NOT equal.

Ah well....
Even Arnold is getting democratic these days. He is planning to
increase our already high sales tax.

Mark was reading the Moscow News yesterday. He is thinking about imigrating to Russia to experience living with a fair government. (I think)
The russian media is not much better than the american apparently.
They say:..... many people are starving in america....the dollar is weak.....
the donation of $1.00 will buy sixteen meals in the US.....please help the poor americans.....
Cute eh?