Tuesday, October 30, 2012


Our Nevada office

Wednesday through Saturday, long hard workdays.
That's how we like to spend family time.

I normally tango with these piles,
but these were too heavy to lift without a tractor.

We were north of Vegas in beautiful hills

Geologic wonderland

Amazing strata

Buck loves it too. Nice cool temperatures.

Spitz knows it must be pretty awesome
because we are spending a lot of time out here.

Spitzers office

The piles are too long, so Mark has to break off a few feet.

Too bad we have no time to hike up those hills.
There are caves in the limestone formations.

Buck's office

The hills are folded by seismic activities.

I always loved that factory on the west side of hwy 15,
and this time I got to see the back side of it.

Mark's favorit activity

Taking a walk

So beauiful

Is there anything else we would rather be doing?

Leaving Nevada.
Why do people waste time in Vegas
when 35 minutes north of it is the most awesome country in the state?
Oh well. Let 'em stay in the city leave the country for us!

Monday, October 1, 2012

Family Weekend

Grandpa Houghton with his baby girls

Tatum loves reading time with grampa

Dani with Penny

Grampa entertaining us all and Gramma holding Penny

Family hike

Buck jumped off the bridge

Spitz fell off the bridge

poor wet doggie

heavy wet doggie

Clayton with Tatum and Mark with the puppies

The handsome pillar, holding the tower of cutest girls, is the newest addition to the family. Clayton.