Friday, November 25, 2011

Ragtime Birthday 25/48

We celebrated the 25th anniversary of the West Coast Ragtime Festival and Mark's 48th birthday in Sacramento.

We could not keep up with the musicians. They played from 9:00 am till at least midnight.

At our age......we need some sleep. We also wanted to spend some time with Buck & Spitz. Not that they suffered without us.

Our last day at the Red Lion Hotel. Could you look happy, please?

OK. How is this?

Vintaged out in the storm. Behind me, Adam Swanson form Shenandoah, IA. He is a very talented, young ragtimer.

Buck & Spitz had their own little vacation at the Wag Hotel.They attended the all day play program for 3 days. The first day, their report card said, they were well behaved and played a lot with the other dogs. (Hmmm....Are they talking about the right puppies?) They made a lot of friends and had a great day.

The second day, Buck had a swimming session and Spitz had a buddy time. Buck was playing fetching and swimming, his favorit game. Spitz had a 15 minute individual playtime with the daycare teacher. Their report card said, they need to work on listening. That's sounds more like my doggies. Buck probably did not want to leave the pool, and Spitz wanted the teachers undivided attention all day.

Rachel, the doggie daycare teacher said: "Buck is so cute when he sticks his whole face in the water to get a drink"

The doggies were well worn out every evening when we picked them up. They were looking forward to dinner and they crashed out for 12 hrs every night.

We are at the wrap party dinner with two ladies from Kansas, and the men are from Canada and Minnesota.

I can't say I was ragtimed out on the end. Never enough for me. The festival was fantastic. We had performers from all over the country as well as an international crew, including Canadian, Austrian, Swiss, Norwegian, Englandians, and Texans...oh....that's local.

The Red Lion had 6 different venues each day, two of the arenas had a dance floor, which we did not use much.

Can we say it was a weekend well spent?