Sunday, April 24, 2011

The 80th Birthday Bash

Grandma Joyce celebrated her 80th birthday with us on
Saturday, April 23rd.

Stephanie Price came to California to join in all the festivities. Mark was in charge of selecting the dinner location and the chef for the birthday dinner.

The Cake

After dinner, we dressed in fancy and drove to see the San Bernardino Symphony Orchestra's performance of Gustav Mahler: Syphony No.1 "Titan".

The playlist on this page contains the third movement of this symphony. Between the minutes 2:20 and 3:25 is the most beautiful melody ever written. Mahler was a genious!

The best symphony for the best Grandma! We all really enjoyed the concert and we had a wonderful visit.

Happy Birthday Grandma Joyce!!!!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Happy Birthday Buck & Spitz!!!

April is doggie birthday month. The babies are getting old like the rest of us.

His majesty the baby, Buck, is 9. You cannot tell by the way he is acting.

Spitz, the pampered prince is 7. He acts the part half of the time, the other half he is a puppy out of control just like big brother.

We love our babies!