Friday, July 15, 2011

Summer Fun

Mark & Mom in the garden.

Bea & Mom in the garden

The Fountainhead. What? The new fountain as the bucket dumping.

Buck is hiding from the heat.

Spitz after taking a bath.

Puppie safety. They are not too happy about having a fenced yard on the ranch.

No more running away for Spitzers! Keeping away from rattle-snakes and staying out of trouble is a difficult life for a doggie.

I LOVE my ranch!

Work, work, work, work......that's what makes life exciting!

The flowers are taking over my trails and everything else that we are trying to keep plant free.

When not working on the ranch or at home....I'm in my heated office, waiting for my tools. Mechanical flowers and our mountain in the background.

Too much fun!