Sunday, June 21, 2009

Sad Nature Story

It's been a quiet week in Pine Cove, our home town.

A couple of Oregon Juncos, moved in with us to the yard about 3 weeks ago.
Oregon Junco is a funny name, no doubt. Don't worry, they are not some drug user hippies from out of state. They are cute little birdies, the size of a chickadee. They have light bellies, grey vest and a black hat. So pretty!

I noticed, they built a nest into one of my hanging flower baskets I did not plant summer flowers into yet. It still has the fall/winter, plastic flowers and pine branches arrangement. Perfect nesting place.

One day, I was working in the garden and I saw that mom birdie was sitting on 3 eggs.
The little babies broke the eggs after a couple of weeks.
Yesterday morning, I told Mark to go take pictures of the chicks.
Here they are:

Hungry, baby birdies are waiting for the parents to feed them.
There were 3 eggs but only 2 babies.
We were out in the yard most of the morning, and Mark noticed a Blue-Jay landing on the edge of the basket and leaving with something in his mouth.
Sure enough, he stole one of the birdies.
We covered the basket with a netting, so the parents can get in and out, but no bigger birds allowed.
We threw rocks at the Blue-Jay a few times. The Oregon Junco parents did not like the netting, but they were able to get to their baby.
We went on a hike into the forest with the doggies for a few hours and when we returned, the last little baby was gone also.
Today, the parents were not around either. They moved out of the yard. So sad. We liked them a lot! Little birds are very pretty.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Sierra's Graduation

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Monday, June 8, 2009

Downtown Fort Worth

Saturday, June 6, 2009
Before Sierra's graduation.

Downtown Fort Worth is as brilliant as downtown Dallas. It is smaller, but it's still big enough for us to get lost, and we did but not before late in the evening.

Walking through the busy streets to the convention center.

A day with Jenna in Dallas

Friday, June 5, 2009
Jenna planned the day for us and WHAT a great plan!

She took us to downtown Dallas to see the "6th Floor Museum".

The (famous?) book depository in downtown, where Oswald liked to hangout 46 years ago.

3 days after Mark was born, Oswald decided that the US needs a different president.

The window bellow is where he fired his shots to kill President J.F.K.

Second from the top on the right corner is THE window.

We all had a very strange feeling walking around in the rooms where Oswald did in 1963
and looking at the evidence of his murder.

The exhibit is well done.

The museum made us hungry. The lunch room in the book depository, where Oswald ate his sandwich after murdering Kennedy, did not sound good so we drove around Dallas to find some lunch.

OK. They may not have mountains but they sure have canyons!

I just love those man made, architectural wonderlands. Don't you?

Downtown was too complicated to find something to park and to eat.
It would have required a lot of walking and Grandma Joyce was not in favor of that.

Texan's have their own pledge and they also have their own White House.
Not a bad idea!