Saturday, October 31, 2009

Boys day out

I left early this morning to visit my favorit stores today. Winco for food, so I can have my weekend cooking shows, and JoAnn's for more projects of course.

Mark was up bright and early and was ready for a boys alone day.
Buck and Spitz were excited to see what daddy has planned for them.

Needless to say, the boys got into the Jeep and took off as soon as the sun came up.
They were on a firewood hunting trip driving on a dirt, logging road on the mountain side. Buck and Spitz were in the back enjoying the ride in the cool, fall, morning breeze until Buck decided that he needed more space, so he pushed on Spitzers with his nose until the poor little pup fell overboard. The little doggie flew out of the Jeep and rolled behind it for a bit. Lucky they didn't go too fast, or so tells the story I hear ...They stopped to gather up Spitzers. He got up groggy and staggered back to the Jeep. Mark put him into the front seat, where he was much safer from big brother's pestering.

Buck is turning into a typical older brother.
Another example:
The other day we had a rain storm. Spitz does not like rain AT ALL.
Buck was laying inside the shed, blocking the doggie door, locking Spitzers out.
Spitz was yep yep yeping out there and getting all soaked when we finally went out to see what's going on.

Hmmm . No pictures this time.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Mark is Playing Again

Another solar field site inland from the central coast;
east of San Luis Obispo and west of Bakersfield.

Diggin' it

You can see how much he suffers out there on the hot sun playing with the tractor.

Bringing the loadframe for some testing.
That's how he spent last week, slaving from sunrise to sunset each day.
Almost as fun as being a farmer.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Last Days of Summer?

The last rose in bloom this summer. My garden is slowly fading out.
Year around summer doesn't sound too bad to me.

Buck would rather have year around winter.

Spitz likes the warm sunshine, but he grew his thick, winter coat just in case.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Better watch out I'm tellin' you why, 'cause Anabel is coming to toooown.

That's right!
Anabel made her debut in Pine Cove this weekend to visit the leader of her fan club.

Grandpa drove her all the way from Mesa to have dinner with us.

We were all amused watching Anabel posing and having fun with the camera.
Her mommy told her to "make a cute face" ..........
right..... like she could make one that's not cute?
After Anabel got too sleepy to deal with the rest of us,
we had a late night talk show with the Dopps. Really late!

Saturday morning, Anabel is playing a piano duet with grandma.

We all had to take a morning stroll with the doggies.

Snuggling with mom is soooooo cozy.

Buck thinks Anabel is so cute and yummy looking, he sure would like to, at least,
give her a doggie kiss.

...and there he goes.....
We drove up to Lancaster with everyone to visit grandma Joyce for the rest of Saturday.