Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Year !!!

We are not there in body, but in spirit.....always.

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Rainy Weekend

What is it that grandparents do on a rainy Saturday a week before Christmas?
Grandpas are watching TV and grandmas are baking cookies.

Not these grandparents.
This here grandma is playing in the mud. Yes sir.
It is very un-Hungarian...and MY grandma would not believe it is I, if she were alive.
It was pooring cats and dogs this morning and what better time it is to do some grading on green acres. But...the tractor only has one seat. Sigh......

I stayed out and did a hole mess of wood stacking while Mark was grading.

This is the result of 5 hrs of my stacking and of course a heep of muddy and soaked (inside and out) clothes and two pairs of saturated and messy work-gloves.

Buck got to play out in the rain all day and loved it. Spitzers was running around and got saturated several times; in between he was drying himself off in the cab of the truck.

The grading Mark did looks very good also. To me it looks ready for the BIG barn, but he says it needs a lot more work and earth moving. I think he just likes tractoring.

Mark was not sure if I can ride inside the cab, he prefered if I jump into the back to get home, THAT's how filthy and soaked to the bones I was.
Guess who stayed dry and clean?

Hi Mom! I'm clean! See???
Can we say........we all had a wonderful Saturday?!

Thursday, December 9, 2010

A Christmas Carol

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Thanksgiving Weekend

Day 1:
-Morning workout for Bea.
-Cooking show for Bea.
-Logging day for Mark.
-Resting a lot for Buck & Spitz.
-Thanksgiving dinner stuffing ourselves for Mark and Bea, tasting a little for Buck & Spitz.
-After dinner walking in the woods for all of us.

Day 2.
-Family logging day.

Day 3.
-Family construction project on Green Acres.

Day 4.
-Continuing the pole barn.
-Running out of material, daylight and weekend.

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Weekend with Tatum Part 1

Tatum, Dani & Greg came to visit Grandma and Grandpa Houghton on a rainy, foggy, fall weekend.

This was the first time for all of the Brandts to come to our home.

We had a nice dinner, good talks, a pancake breakfast and some doggie plays. Tatum entertained us full time.

Tatum is eating her grapes after pancakes.

Who is that doggie in the window?

Buck and Spitz are waiting to play with Tatum.

Wait Buck! Don't go! Let me pull your tail!

Kiss kiss... Buck loves Tatum too.

Sooo...that's the doggie yard....

Are you going to pet me or just stand there?

OK....I'll play with you too little doggie.

Weekend with Tatum Part 2

A morning on Green Acres.

Tatum is ready to take a ride in Grandpa's truck to the ranch.

Silly boys, girls can grease tractors too. Especially Texas girls! Dani is preping JD to do some work.

Getting a short class on driving.

There she goes grading and compacting.

Country girl at heart.

Greg get's to work too. He is widening our trail.

Tatum woke up and she is ready for some action. Playing with Spitz....

Running after Buck....

Petting Buck.....

Loving Buck.....

and of course tractoring.

Hey...this is too much fun!

We visited Idyllwild for an afternoon. Walked around downtown, did some browsing in the stores, some shopping and had icecream.