Sunday, November 29, 2009

Snowy Family Sunday

We had the first snow this season. Between Saturday night and Sunday morning,
Pine Cove had 7 inches of snow fall.

Above: We are standing on the rock, where Jenna was sitting 5 years ago at Christmas time, drawing the view.

Above: Taquitz Peak before the sunset.

Friday, November 27, 2009

Thanksgiving Tasties

Our babies are so abused.

Daddy gives them peanut butter which sticks to the top of their mouth so they keep licking it and licking it. They get some turkey and ham bites as a reward for entertaining their parents.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Texas Week

The new solar field testing trip began with a family mini vacation.
We always wanted to see Tombstone and we ran right into it on our way to New Mexico.

Friendly town!

Let's step inside.

No, we did not take the ride.

This is Lili. She is walking around and showing off her little western outfit made by her mommy and collecting donations for the animal shelter.

My doggies go: Looook at Youuuu! How much do they pay you to wear that silly outfit?

Before the gunfight.

Buck and Spitz did not like the gunfight act. They tried to hide and to run away.

Scene from Tombstone.

This is the wagon I would like for my front yard. It's not for sale, neither do I have room on my front yard. Oh well....sigh.....

Wonder if the substitute teachers are still allowed to carry guns into school?

Our short old west vacation ended with a long drive to El Paso, Texas.
The first night, we got smoked out of the La Quinta Inn and escaped to the smoke free Residence Inn Marriott. It was a difficult decision to make that move especially for me.
Hanging out all day for 4 days in the clean and beautiful Marriott was a hardship and we all suffered so much.
Buck was looking out the window every night after dark thinking: It's time for daddy to come home.

I spent the mornings in the fitness room and in the swimming pool, while Spitzers and Buck got bored watching Animal Planet and took their beauty nap.

The boys are cuddled in for the night. Where do I sleep? Floor or sofa? Hmmmm...

Mark's office in south-west New Mexico. He took the family to see how he spent his days out on the sun, getting a tan, in the sand dunes and lovely but thorny bushes, playing on a tractor....

Doooon't go there!

They should keep these fields in Iraq. That's where they need them. No?

Spitz is looking for excitement and would like to explore the White Sand area, so I keep him on the leash.

Buck is running around on the solar field site not wanting to blow up.